My Skincare Routine – April

When I tell you my skin was awful a year ago, trust me, it was AWFUL.

Now I am dealing with scarring, hyperpigmentation, and extremely sensitive skin that will blow if it comes into contact with anything it does not like. Right now I am pretty Comfortable with my skincare routine. I am currently on Tretinoin Gel (0.01%), so I’ve been on the lookout for things that are really hydrating so let me know if you have any suggestions! I am always updating my skincare routine and I will go over my current day and night routines!



Left to right:

Jelly Cleanser – Drunk Elephant

The feeling of this cleanser is very nice to the skin. It’s extremely light on the skin and has a minimal scent. It’s almost TOO light. I feel like this doesn’t really cleanse my skin and If you like a 2-in-one makeup remover and cleanser this is not for you. My one big issue is this cleanser is the cap. You have to turn it to open it up and you just squeeze. This brand, in particular, has really weird ways of getting the product out. It feels less sanitary and just leaves a weird residue on the cap. Although I love the feel of this cleanser, after this I’m switching back to the tried and true Soy Face Cleanser

PowerBright TRx Pure Light SPF 50 – Dermalogica

Listen, I know this is ridiculously expensive for a sunscreen (66 DOLLARS) I realize that. Yet, being on Retinol Cream and having serious scarring, I knew I needed something that would moisturize and protect my skin. This does that, feels super light, and it specifically made to “prevent future discoloration.” I really feel like this protects the skin and gives me the moisture I need.

Beauty Water – Son & Park

This might just be water but dang does it make my skin feel good. I use this as a toner after my cleanser and if just is so light and my skin just seems to soak up this stuff. Also, you get a ridiculous amount of product so it’ll last you awhile (unless you’re like me and use this multiple times a day). I put this in a spray bottle so whenever my skin feels particularly dry I’ll use it and I really enjoy it. It’s basically scentless and great for sensitive skin.

Rise + Glow Duo – Drunk Elephant

So I originally got a set of the Intensive Hydration Gel & the C-Firma Day Serum and I just ran out of the latter. I really only use this on spots I know tend to get dehydrated and it feels and smells pretty nice. I really enjoyed the C-Firma Day Serum. After 3 weeks I really saw my scars fade and It really makes me interested in trying out other Vitamin C serums (Testing one right now that I will make a separate review). I suggest getting this duo if you’re interested in the Drunk Elephant brand without investing in the full products which are extremely expensive.



Water Luminous Jelly Cleanser – JMsolutions

This makes my skin SO smooth. I added this in here because I got this in an Ipsy bag and I keep reaching for it at night. I wait 30 minutes after cleansing before I apply my Retinol gel, so having a cleanser that is light and leaves my skin soft and moisturized is super important. It having Hyaluronic Acid for sure helps my skin and I will repurchase again.

  • For those wondering at night, I wait for 30 after cleansing to let my skin calm down and then apply my Retinol Creme so I avoid irritation. I also do moisturize after this but I wait for 45min-hour at LEAST. It’s important to leave time for the gel to work!!!

Sunflower Sweets Serum – Bahi

This product was everywhere at one point – and for good reason. The first night I put this on my skin looked a m a z i n g. It does hydrate my skin and whenever I put this on the next morning my scars are a lot less noticeable. It smells really awful and WILL get on your pillowcase if you procrastinate your skincare until right before bed if you’re like me. If you can handle the smell I highly recommend this product.

  • I apply this after my moisturizer. This seems to work better on my dry skin versus before so that’s just what I find works best.

Lala Retro Whipped Cream – Drunk Elephant

I love love love this moisturizer. Its crazy thick and I know many people prefer light moisturizers. For me, at night, I want a nice moisturizer when I have time to just let it absorb into my skin. The packaging is really weird and you have to press down to get product. The packaging doesn’t allow you to see how much product is left so it’s more of just a guessing game. The smell is minimal and it is not sticky at all. I highly suggest using this as a night moisturizer.

Transforming Walnut Scrub – OLEHENRIKSEN

I use this in the shower and oh my does this smell good. I use this twice a week because I’m wary of exfoliation while on a Retinol but it doesn’t agitate my skin what so ever. It isn’t necessarily as effective as other exfoliants (I’m a huge advocate for chemical exfoliates) but for the experience it just makes me feel so pampered and my skin always feels fresh and rejuvenated after using this.

That’s my skincare routine for April! I really have enjoyed a lot of these products and feel like the past month I have had minimal breakouts and my skin texture has been pretty smooth. After Finals I will probably be posting skin updates not just when I use new products. I’m planning on transitioning into a more summer oriented routine and will keep you guys updated!


                     Until next time!

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