Cleansers Cleansers Cleansers! – Reviews and Recomendations

The beginning of a routine, the foundation of all our skin routines, one of my favorite parts of the day: cleansing!

I feel like cleansing is sometimes underrated in discussions about our skin. With so many serums and essences and moisturizers its easy to forget to explore all the different options there are to cleanse your skin. This step basically sets the stage for the rest of your routine! When I look for a good cleanser(s) I want three things by the end of this step:

  1. No dirt or makeup on my skin
  2. Being clean without stripping my natural oils
  3.  my skin feels soft and ready for the rest of my skincare regimen

In this post, I am going to be discussing my reviews of the different types of Pre-cleansing I tried, and some tips and tricks for cleansing in general!

First, a few tips I have found really helps (DISCLAIMER: This is all from personal experience obviously take this with a grain of salt. This is just what I have found works for me!)

  • Avoid Foam cleansers if you have dry skin! I will be reviewing one for the sake of this post but it can irritate the skin.
  • Pat don’t rub. Please pat your skin dry. As good as it feels to rub a towel or cloth all over your face after cleansing, patting your skin dry will avoid irritating your skin.
  • Don’t be afraid to double cleanse if you’re a makeup lover! I personally double cleanse with balm then my soy face cleanser when I wear makeup. I really feel like its necessary to get every bit of makeup off my face.
  • massage your face while cleansing. Skincare is self-care, and taking the time to give some love to your lovely face can really help you feel better, and your skin feel better
  • Cleanse once or twice a day – Do what’s best for you! There are differing opinions on how often to wash your face. My cleansers I use daily are very light and for sensitive skin, so I do it twice. It’s really up to you but when I do only cleanse once, I’m sure that it’s during the night.
  • Cleanse before And after a workout. Please Please Please do this. Help your skin out by removing any dirt or gunk before you get your groove on. Cleansing before and after ensures your workout doesn’t spark some unwanted pimples (and no one wants that).

The past two weeks I’ve been trying out a Cleansing Balm, Creme, and oil. I used these to take off my make up as a pre-cleanse.

First is the Balm! I used Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm – Clinique

Balms have a weird texture that can seem off-putting at first. This stuff got my makeup off really nicely. I could see the makeup just coming off so smoothly. Also, this took off ALL my eye makeup. This is always so difficult. I use the Lights, Camera, Splashes™ Waterproof Mascara – Tarte and it does not wanna come off at the end of the day. The Clinique balm was scentless, did not irritate eyes. (I got some in my eyes one night and it made them dry but didn’t really hurt. Do not recommend these going INTO your eyes, obviously) I really felt like this products got my makeup off the most effective out of the three products I tested.

Overall, pretty satisfied with this product.

Next, Cold Cream Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover

I got this as a trial size at Sephora and I would say this was an eh product. It wasn’t as effective at getting my makeup off and after using micellar water with a cotton pad I still had some leftover makeup. I massaged and spent time trying to get this product to work, but it just didn’t do it for me. Especially when this product markets itself as a makeup remover, I felt like it just did an okay job compared to the oil and balm. It did leave my skin softer than the other two pre-cleanse options. However, I pre-cleanse to get my makeup off, and I felt that this really only did an okay job for me. This would work for really sensitive skin, it didn’t break me out, and it felt nice on the skin. Also, someone who uses minimal makeup may benefit from this product.

Finally, MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil Mini

I felt like this product removed my makeup pretty well while not leaving my skin feeling as stripped as the balm did. However, I did find my skin had tiny bumps and my skin did not seem to like it the next morning whenever I did try it the night before. I looked at the Sephora reviews and saw that others had this same problem. I loved how it made my skin feel and it worked well, however, I would not recommend this for acne-prone skin like mine.


Overall, each product had its benefits, but the one I’m going to be continuing to use will be the cleansing balm from Clinique. it really made me feel clean and ready for the rest of my skin routine!










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