Luxury battle: tatcha water cream and SK-II RNA power (and a great dupe!)

Hey guys! I’m introducing a new series to my blog tentatively called luxury battle! Do I have enough money to buy these obscenely expensive products? No. BUT I do get a lot of trial sizes and samples from Sephora. I tried each of these products for a week and will let you know what I thought!

Disclaimer: I do not think spending this kind of money is worth it. I have a drugstore cheat sheet on finding amazing products for a low price coming soon. This series is just for fun.

First up: Tatcha the water cream

Price: $68

Size: 1.7

I got a .34 ounce version of this product, and it smells SO GOOD. It has tatchas signature smell. But no one pays 68 dollars just for the smell of a moisturizer. It gets a lot of hype, especially in the beauty community: it’s light in texture and melts in the skin a lot more seamlessly that the SK-II moisturizer. Both products claim to be anti-aging. Tatcha addresses this claim by using “green tea, rice, and algae” (

Up next, SK-II RNA power face cream

Price: $230

Size: 2.7 ounces

that’s right 230 dollars. That’s 57 Starbucks drinks I could get. It does have another ounce extra on tatcha. Meaning it would be about $144.81 for comparative purposes with tatchas size. It’s a lot of money for a moisturizer. They use pietra, which is in every SK-II product, as well as their “RNA complex” which is soy and yeast proteins.

The consistency is somehow lighter than tatchas. It doesn’t melt into the skin as quickly, but it’s airy and so light it feels luxurious putting it on.

Which did I like better?

I can’t say which is better in anti aging, because I only used them for a week each and also don’t have any wrinkles yet. However, I really felt a difference in my skin with SK-II’s moisturizer. I loved using up this trial size and wish it was about $230 dollars cheaper. For the price the water cream is a much better choice. Still expensive, but sill gives off an airy texture that feels luxurious.

Dupes if you want…

Similar airy texture: January labs Moisture balancing lotion

Same texture with anti-aging benefits: Olay 7 in 1 daily moisturizer

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