Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

Hey everyone! I just got back to campus for school so as I’m adjusting this is going to be a pretty brief post. I have some really great content planned but for now hopefully, you find this review interesting!

I recently reviewed the Laneige Laneige BB Cushion and absolutely loved it. I decided to venture into their skincare line with a sleeping mask. Personally, I believe a sleeping mask is just a moisturizer that wanted a fancy title. This fancy moisturizer really did do its job. I have some dry patches on my face, and after continuous use of this, it really helped. I do realllly love the Dr Brandt Recovery Sleeping Mask . 

However, This mask is double in price and has a lot more claims than Laneige’s I really do enjoy this as a moisturizer that packs a punch while being light and comfortable on the skin. It has little fragrance and is this beautiful light blue color. Love the packaging.

How much is in a jar?

2.3 fl. oz.

How Much?


What would you compare it to?

It has the same presentation and feel as the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator. For about the same size, it’s also half the price.

Laneige BB Cushion Wear Test – Worth it?

During the summer, the last thing I want is a thick foundation suffocating my skin in the humid heat. I go a lot lighter on my makeup in the summer, and I reluctantly say goodbye to full coverage and say hello to a more natural route. I do have scarring so I don’t expect a bb cream to completely make my problems disappear, but I do expect it to be light and even out my skin tone. The BB cream that I tried out this week and put to the test is Laneige’s BB Cushion Hydra Radiance SPF 50.

How much is it?


What does it do?

Sephora’s website claims that it is “A radiance-enhancing, hydrating version of LANEIGE’s BB Cushion, it’s infused with Melacrusher™ to brighten skin and double-coated pigments to brighten and hydrate.”

Does it do that?

I would say that my skin looked brighter and did feel hydrated the entire day. My makeup usually bunches up around hour 4, and this one stayed pretty even and I didn’t get super dry or greasy at the end of the day.

What’s good about it?

It’s hydrating, brightening, and it feels SO light. It was like I had nothing on all day.

What’s not so good about it?

Although it did give me pretty good coverage for most of my workday, it isn’t going to be perfect for more than 4 hours. It’s a bb cream, and it’s meant to be light, not full coverage. In the pictures I will show you, you’ll notice my scars and redness, especially in my recap video.

Worth it?

I am going to be reaching for this over my IT cosmetics cc cream. It may not have a crazy amount of coverage, However, it did not bunch up (Which is my BIGGEST pet peeve) and I still looked natural at the end of the day. An added bonus was I still was a little less red than usual! Overall, I would say that it was a great BB cream!

What did it look like?


Here’s a video of me on HOUR 12 (don’t expect a bb cream to really be on my face by then) and talk about my thoughts. Also, I know I used vertical camera… next time I’ll do horizontal I promise.